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An Easier Way to Sell in Tough Times
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"The Tao Of Sales provides a rich, comprehensive selling paradigm.

[Instead of] the adversarial-based sales metaphors that create battle plans to attack customers like they're a military objective -- a genuine values-based partnership with customers."
Bill Cole, The Paradox of Peak Performance Selling

Tom Behr, author of The Tao of Sales, provides a compelling, tough-minded and deeply caring perspective on today's turbulent, fast-moving business world - like a fresh breeze in a congested room.
Interview Report

Tom Behr is a great interview! He has single handedly added a whole new dimension to business. I highly recommend him as a guest!
Joel Javer, host of Financial Talk Radio

Authors of business books come on our show often, but Tom's non-typical approach to business really impressed me. Honest relationships and success in business are mutually supportive. He knows his stuff!
Dan Valenti, host of Open Mike, WBRK

Welcome to The Tao of Sales. If you arrived here through a web search, you may have been looking specifically for ideas regarding customer-focused selling, ethical selling, partnership selling, or win/win selling.

If so, I hope you find this site meets your interests, by providing tips, insights, practice ideas and resources in all these areas as well as in the larger question of how to work productively with customers to build both their success and your business. If you found this site for other reasons, browse and enjoy.

What's in this site?

The Black Belt Selling page takes you to a content section, refreshed 3-5 times a week (depending on my schedule). This section is 100% free content on tips, techniques, best-practice insights and personal development strategies to help you sell better, more easily, and thus more successfully. You may want this to be the first page you check each time you enter the site.

Stories: Real-life examples of these principles in action. Contribute your own!

Articles: Longer discussions of sales techniques and practices such as sales listening, using questions to create opportunities, reducing customer resistance, or making compelling presentations. For more information on what's here, go to Black Belt Selling.

An Archive of previous content (still under construction)

An overview of The Book, The Tao of Sales, Reviews, reactions from salespeople like you to the book's approach, and background information on me The Author

Resources: My favorite sites, books, tapes, other tools about selling and negotiating and links to people whose insights have contributed to this site and who have their own unique, clear voice in the fields of selling, marketing, advertising and persuasion.

It includes a section on Reflection: Stories from a range of sources, Tao, Zen, Sufi, as well as more eclectic choices included to help you wake up your mind to what’s possible within and around you.

About this Site

This is a value-based site. No paid newsletters, memberships, or subscriptions. No teasers (“sign up for the Newsletter and we’ll throw in the steak knives”). And we will never sell or rent your email address.

So what is "The Tao of Sales?"

Think of it as a discipline like the martial arts. Over the past 25 years I've trained and coached over 10,000 salespeople and sales managers. Among them were some really extraordinary salespeople - and my work owes a real debt to their real-world lessons. Many of the people I worked with however, were just groping. However well they managed to "pump themselves up" from time to time, selling was just hard for them.

What can we learn and apply from the martial arts to selling? Two things: First, that sustained excellence requires practice. In Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman points out that businesspeople spend all their time doing - usually repeating the same behaviors that cause them to struggle in the first place - and almost never practicing. With martial artists, championship athletes, professional performers in every field, it's exactly the opposite. They spend much of their time practicing, so they constantly get better. This site is designed to give you just that kind of practice opportunity. The payoff: the better you get, the easier it is to sell successfully.

The second lesson has to do with how you sell. "Hard selling" is when you struggle against your customer; "easy" selling is when you work with customers to get what you both want and need. "Hard" selling is forcing your agenda on the customer; "easy" selling is when you guide the customer, and yourself, along the path both of you need to take in order for both of you to succeed.

Most “experts” I’ve met are people who believe their way is the only way. What the Tao teaches is the “only way” is your way - it can’t be taught, only discovered. This site is designed to help you in that journey of discovery.

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