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The Tao of Sales
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What is "Black Belt Selling"? To me it's all about respect: respect for one's self as a person and professional, for one's customers and colleagues, for one's products and services, and, ideally, for one's company, which really means for your manager (since your manager usually is the company to you).

The root of "Respect" is "to look again" - which suggests that "respect" means to see what one may have missed in order to better understand and value it - in one's self or others.

Role models: anybody you respect that epitomizes professional excellence - athletes, performers in any art form, martial artists, of course. Maybe other sales or business professionals or the mentors and coaches in your own life.

This page is a "home page" for continuously strengthening your ability to sell with respect. How to use this page and the links it provides to this site:

Articles As the site continues to evolve I'll be adding more series to the site, but at present, under the following headings, you'll find articles on:

The most recent article in each series will be listed on this page. Clicking on that link will take you to the rest of the series. You can also find back articles in the Archive.

Personal Mastery

The Mastery section is dedicated to helping you change how you sell to get the results you really want. It works like the "forms" in martial arts that one practices daily to develop new capabilities "inside out." Expect to take time with these exercises. It's like improving your gold or tennis game. Practice doesn't really make "perfect." Only perfect practice can do that.

These posts are also written in series, like those in the Articles section, with the newest appearing on this page. Click on this link to get to the whole series.

Immediate Action

Throughout the articles you'll see instant action steps you can take right now. These are indicated by the title and logo Chi - Do it Now.

Visitor chats, blog comments and feedback. I use the for on-going chats and discussions about sales. It's a great forum with some very experienced salespeople and consultants as well as lots of people just starting their sales careers.

If you want to send me a personal note, Contact Us is the way to do it. As I develop the site, I'll be looking for all sorts of feedback and contributions from other salespeople and managers. Stay posted.