The Tao of Sales
An Easier Way to Sell in Tough Times
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This page is still under construction. Here are links to current posts.


The "Articles" section will consist of series of posts on the following topics (more to be added later). Expect to see a new post every 3-4 days.

Sales Myths

Sales Myth #1 - Controlling the Customer

The "Right Way" to Sell

Introduction: What is "the Right Way" to Sell - Part 1?

Critical Sales Competencies

How to Become a Superstar Sales Listener

"Emotionally Intelligent Selling"

What is Emotionally Intelligent Selling?


These are "mini-articles" about developing mastery in the "inner game" of selling. The "Mastery Exercises" are simple practice exercises that will help you gradually strengthen your inner capacity to excel.

Finding Without Looking - 1

Finding Without Looking - 2

Finding Without Looking - 3

Mastery Exercises

Finding Without Looking Mastery


Tanda Meets the World's Best Car Salesman

Can You Deliver It in an Hour?

That's a Big Slide Deck

Help! I need to sneeze!

Hey! Dr. Kevorkian. What Are You Killing Today?

"You Don't Like Questions?"

The World's Worst Elevator Speech